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Familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions

The services we provide are under strict terms and conditions. We recommend that you carefully read our terms of use before availing any of our services. We are against any improper usage of our service. By continuing to place an order on this website, we will assume that you have read, understood, and is in agreement with our terms and conditions. Only those of legal age can use our website. Submitting a request or making payment to us legally binds you to these terms and conditions.

Interpretation of our terms and conditions

The following terms have been used in this article:
  • Website, company, we or our refer to us, Eduassignmenthelp.com, the provider of the services
  • Consumer, yours, or you refers to anyone who submits, bids, or executes an order or a client that uploads their information or makes payment on this website.
  • Order is the electronic request sent by the customer to our company. An order is made up of the consumer’s information and assignment details.
  • Order status refers to the progress that has been made on the assignment
  • Service is the well-written and original content that we deliver to the client.
  • Paper revision is a request sent by a customer who needs their papers to be edited as per their requirements

Placing an order and registration

To place an order with us, you have to fill out the order form available on our website. We only provide assignment help services based on the request sent by the client. The order form defines the scope of your project, the parameters that should be taken into consideration, and the terms of delivery. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide us with explicit and exact information about their homework when completing the order form. Also, we require your contact information such as email, name, and address to get in touch with you when your order is done. Should you encounter any hurdle while placing your order, we urge you to contact our customer support team immediately. All our contact details have been listed on our “contact us” page.

Making payment and discounts

Placing an order with us means you have agreed to buy a service from our company. We will only start processing your order after confirming payment and a receipt is issued to you. All payments are made in advance. The amount you will pay is calculated as per our pricing policy. You cannot hold us responsible for service delivery until you make full payment. Our company only receives payment via secure gateways such as PayPal, credit cards, and debit cards. We also have exciting discounts for clients who use our services continuously and seasonal offers. However, we reserve the right to provide you with discounts at our discretion. We are impartial when providing discounts and bonuses to our clients.
The amount of effort your work requires can only be evaluated after a manual review. As a result, we may request additional time to work or payment on your order. You have the right to either agree with the new terms or fail to cooperate with us. If you decide to stop working with us, then reimbursement will be processed as per our refund and money-back guarantee policy

Processing an order

  1. Validating an order: Our priority is to satisfy your academic needs completely. For this reason, our quality assurance team re-check your order details against the drafted solutions. They do this to confirm whether all your requirements were taken into account while crafting the paper. If any mismatch is found, tour editors will refine the solutions and make sure that all your needs are fulfilled.
  2. Order volume: We measure the order volume with the word count requested by the student. Before delivery, we confirm if the word metric has been met. The page design can either be a 250 words page double-spaced or a 500 words page single-spaced. You can request for a reformat if there is a mismatch in the number of pages of words.
  3. Changes in requirements: The customer can only make changes to the scope of the work if the expert has not started the work yet. If you wish to provide additional instructions that affect the scope of the work in terms of complexity or volume, then you will be charged additional fees.
  4. Materials and resources used: We have equipped all our professionals with standard materials and resources needed for your assignment. However, you can provide us with specific materials or sources that you want the writer to use while crafting your assignment. If you do not provide any specific sources, then the writer is at liberty to research and use the materials they feel suit your assignment.
  5. Order tracking: Our customer support team is available and ready to answer your queries at any time of the day or night. If you are anxious and would like to know the status of your assignment, then you can contact us via hangouts, skype, email, WhatsApp, or call. They will inform you of the progress of your assignment and even provide you with screenshots as confirmation. You can also get in touch with our customer support team if you need more information.

Order Delivery

Eduassignmenthelp.com strives to deliver all orders within the mutually agreed deadline. You can hold us responsible for failing to deliver your work within the timeframe indicated in the order. After our experts have completed working on your assignment, it is your responsibility to provide us with a valid delivery channel.
You cannot blame us for your general negligence such as incorrect email addresses or situations that are beyond our control. We encourage you to contact us immediately if you need assistance with the delivery of your order. It is entirely up to you to download the solutions on time after we have delivered them. All orders will be delivered through the email address provided by the client while placing an order.

Order Revision

We provide free rework on all the assignments prepared by our experts. As already mentioned, we are dedicated to providing you with a quality service that meets all your needs. However, we are all humans and prone to mistakes. You can take advantage of our unlimited free revision policy if you need your assignment to be modified. To request this service:
  1. Submit a written revision request
  2. Make sure that your request conforms to the instructions you provided while placing your order. Anything outside the instructions will be considered a new task.
  3. A revision request can only be submitted within 30 days after the order was delivered.
Our quality assurance team can reject your free revision request if it is not in line with your prior requirements. In such cases, you may be required to pay additional fees for the changes. Also, your request may be declined if it is deemed unreasonable or obvious exploitation of the expert.

Use of our services

Our services are only for personal and non-commercial uses. The payment you make is a reward to our experts for their time and effort in conducting extensive research on your topic and writing your assignment. Part of your payment is also used to facilitate service delivery and maintain our websites.
You are not allowed to reproduce, distribute or display our work over the internet or hard copy format. The writers associated with us transfer the ownership of all delivered papers to our company. As a result, we retain the copyright privileges of all the content that we deliver. Additionally, the papers curated by our experts are solely for research, learning, and reference purposes. You can only use our work as a sample to improve your academic writing skills.

Our responsibility

The company has a strict policy against plagiarism. We do not tolerate any form of academic fraud or dishonesty. You cannot hold us responsible for the unethical or illegal use of our papers and website content. Eduassignmenthelp.com strictly conforms to all copyright laws.

Limitation of liability

If you agree to all our terms and conditions, you acknowledge that you cannot hold our company, promoters, affiliates, and other third parties responsible for any damages or losses that come from or are related to us. These losses may occur from:
  1. Malfunctions and failure in a computer network, telephone, email, or software
  2. Delayed communications and transmissions
  3. Conditions that are beyond the control of the company
  4. Typographical and printing errors
Also, you agree not to hold us reprehensible or responsible for your attorney fees, claims, and suit that may arise from the use of our services. We have the right to deny you service or terminate your use of our website even if you have made full payment if:
  1. You provide us with false information
  2. Conceal or omit information that we deem important
  3. Fail to cooperate with us through the ordering process
  4. You are a suspect of fraudulent activities
Our terms and conditions are governed by national laws. As such, any disputes or claims shall be settled with full adherence to the law.